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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The summer term programme in England

In June, pupils of Insight International School have the opportunity to join St John's School, Sidmouth in England. Integrating into the school and working beside their English peers, Insight School Pupils are able to develop their skills and directly draw comparisons with their new English friends.

Founded in 1912, St John's School has excellent academic results (more than half their pupils gain A* and A grades at GCSE and A-level on a regular basis). The School was recently listed as being in the top 15 small schools in the whole of the UK.

The school is located on a hill overlooking the sea in the beautiful Regency town of Sidmouth and benefits from excellent facilities including beautiful historic buildings, extensive grounds and playing fields, a large indoor heated swimming pool, indoor sports hall, adventure playground and tennis courts.

During the day, children go to school with their English peers. Since Insight International School children also study the UK national curriculum, they have no difficulty in working beside the St John's school children. St John's School teachers are delighted to find well taught eager children joining their classes.

After classes, children have the opportunity to join in with the extensive extra curricular programme the school offers. This includes many sporting opportunities, the creative and performing arts and many other activities.

After their evening meal, the children are engaged in activities with an English teacher and they continue to improve their language skills.

Every weekend excursions are arranged for the children. This includes places of cultural interest, museums ancient castles, oceanariums, Scientific and art museums and entertainment complexes.

The children live in very comfortable local cottages and the nutrition and health and safety of the children are monitored by their accompanying teachers from Russia.

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