60, Naberezhnaya Martynova

1M, Ural'skaya street

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

International Primary School

Insight International Primary School is a successful, well structured and happy environment for your child.

The School accepts children from the age of 5 to 10 years based on assessment prior to entry.

Entry assessments for the British programme are in English and Mathematics as well as an indication of sound knowledge in general subjects.

The British programme at Insight International School, mirrors that received by children in the UK. As a result our children have no difficulty in continuing their studies in any country in the world where the UK Education system operates.

The curriculum, teaching and learning and progress of the children is overseen by the Educational Consultancy @school-in-UK Ltd led by an experienced past Headmaster and ISI School Inspector. Progress and achievements of the children are monitored by standardised tests widely used throughout the UK. Pupils receive full reports and certificates that are recognised by UK schools.

At Insight International Primary School pupils do not just acquire a high level of academic attainment. Crucial to the development of children is the development of the character and all round personality. We aim to educate our children to be responsible citizens, have a sense of purpose, have integrity and compassion, be confident individuals, have a broad outlook and a humane view of the world around us.

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