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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Year-2 visited "The Universe of Water" museum

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Year-2 visited "The Universe of Water" museum 21.03.2019 11:13

Have you ever thought about the way water comes to our houses? Do you have any idea how specialists are controlling the guality of water we use every day? Year-2 students know all about it! 

Year-2 visited "The Universe of Water" museum, where they joined the programme - "The Underground World of Saint-Petersburg". We saw an amazingly detailed model of the city center and followed the Neva river from Ladoga lake to the Gulf of Finland. We investigated an underground world of the canal system and found out about different stages of water purification: sand filters, ultraviolet rays and bacteria.

The most stunning fact is that real crawfish are working for our city; they are controlling the quality of water!

How? Ask Year-2!

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