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Year 2: Money and Counting to 100

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Year 2: Money and Counting to 100 23.09.2020 12:17

Every school day is full of impressions and emotions and each and every one of them is bright and unique. To capture those precious moments, no matter if it is an unbelievably interesting lesson or magnificent weather outside, we want to share some of them with you. 


Today Ms. Sally, Year 2 teacher, will tell you about one of the first lessons of this year with such a great topic!


«Hurray! We are back to school!

It is such a pleasure to see our students back and meeting the newcomers! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their speaking, reading and writing skills have strengthened. Our students are full of energy and enthusiasm, ready for new challenges and increasing their skills.


The new academic year has started and the students of Year 2 went to the “shop” to buy some stationery for the classroom. During this “visit“ they had a nice chance to practice their knowledge in the covered topics: Money and Counting to 100. Now we are ready to do some tasks and solve real-life issues».