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The secret of Human Structure

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The secret of Human Structure 29.03.2019 12:37

During the last two weeks our young researchers from Insight International Pre-School were busy to revealing the secret of Human Structure, mostly the digestive and respiratory systems.

Our pre-schoolers knew a lot about food and its influence on the human body from previous researches, but it was a real shock to learn about the tongue structure and taste buds. We’ve gotten how to brush teeth right, talked about cavities and other diseases of an oral cavity.

When it came up to talk about the stomach and organs that hide inside our body, nobody stayed aside. Students took an active part in creating the human structure and did each detail of it by themselves with great pleasure and interest. 

Humanities is a subject that, despite bringing a lot of positive emotions to our students, helps them to develop listenings skills, motor skills and their imagination and also makes them be thoughtful and attentive!

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