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Story Telling

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Story Telling 21.05.2020 17:52

For many schools, distance learning has become a real challenge. For us, at the International School of Saint-Petersburg "Insight", it is a unique opportunity to attend the lessons of our headmaster in the UK, Mr. Pockett. He is an amazing teacher and mentor. After all, online learning knows no boundaries!⠀

For the students of Year 4, Mr. Pockett has prepared an amazing course on Story Telling. Students learn the structure of history based on the best cartoons and books, describe the characters and the place of action, and learn to create their own stories! ⠀

During the lesson, our students showed excellent knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, which helped them to perform complex but interesting tasks.⠀

We are looking forward to Mr. Pockett's new lessons!⠀

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