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Mr. Haug - Year 5 Teacher:

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Mr. Haug - Year 5 Teacher: 22.10.2019 10:02

"In history, we are travelling back in time and studying the first great civilization in history, ancient Egypt. We learned that the civilization outlasted the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages as well as ancient Greek, Roman, Mayan, Sumerian, Indus Valley and many other advanced societies.

In math, we continue with building fundamentals learned in year 4, the students are also being challenged with harder problems with factors, decimals, fractions, percents and interpreting data from graphs. 

In English, the students are exposed to a broad array of different learning activities. They are reading a book about the life of a family during World War II, working on spelling, vocabulary and grammar. They continue to develop writing skills using the principles needed for an essay which include a main point, supporting facts and a conclusion. They have written summaries of stories as well as poetry using similes and metaphors".

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