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Mr. Haug - Year 5 Teacher

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Mr. Haug - Year 5 Teacher 28.09.2019 19:30

Mr. Haug - Year 5 Teacher:
"Year 5 is off to a great start! The kids have been eager to learn and are asking lots of really astute questions.
In science, the kids are learning about our solar system. They are learning how scientific advancements changed the way people understand the world around them over the course of history.
In addition to academic study they are learning fun facts like the earth spins at 1,600km per hour and orbits the sun at a rate of 107,000km per hour. 
They are learning about the planets and moon phases and answering questions like why we have tides and seasons.
In geography, the year started by learning about maps, grid systems and coordinates. 
Overall, we are having a great time while advancing with a challenging British curriculum".

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