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Happy 18th anniversary!

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Happy 18th anniversary! 26.11.2019 20:33

The history of Insight International School began in 2001, when a group of like-minded people from Great Britain and Russia decided to establish a kindergarten and school for children from expatriate families in St. Petersburg. 
At that time, there were no schools for English-speaking children in the city.
Our school started as a small kindergarten for 10 foreign students. Today we remember these days with a smile. Now Insight International School is a large educational complex consisting of 3 stages: Nursery, Reception and Primary School.

We are very proud that more than 600 families from all over the world have entrusted us with the education of their children over the past 18 years. Our geography is incredible: England, Russia, the USA, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, China, South Korea, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Poland, India, Turkey, the Netherlands, Morocco, Egypt, Georgia, Latvia, Japan, Finland,the Czech Republic, Turkey, Armenia, Brazil.

High level of education at Insight International School is recognized by the British ISA(Independent Schools Association). We are the only school in Russia that has become an accredited member of this prestigious community. 

We are extremely proud of our graduates, several generations of whom successfully continue their education in the best schools in Europe, America and Russia!

Happy 18th anniversary!