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The UK National Curriculum - Primary Years

Insight International School’s core curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum programme of study. Since 2001 our pupils have enjoyed a curriculum that matches the programme used by pupils in the UK. In consequence pupils can continue their studies seamlessly after Insight School in the UK or any other country where British education is used.

The UK national curriculum is used by primary and secondary schools across the UK. The curriculum embraces a wide range of subjects with clear guidelines about the standards that pupils should achieve at each level.

The updated UK curriculum was introduced in September 2014 and is constantly evolving. The subsequent changes in English and mathematics in September 2016 have been followed by Insight International School. Further developments will be noted and the necessary changes made.

The teaching and learning at Insight International School is regularly monitored by @school-in-UK Ltd headed by an experienced former headmaster and UK School inspector. Under his guidance we are able to make all the necessary changes to our curriculum as and when changes are made by the UK Department of Education. The close association we enjoy with @school-in-UK Ltd ensures that our teaching remains rigorous and in line with modern thinking and research.

The teachers who use the UK National Curriculum are all native English speakers well versed in the skills of teaching and learning and with extensive work experience. Our teachers constantly participate in educational seminars and training programmes to improve their skills through such specialised courses. This enables them to maintain high educational standards and for our pupils to achieve unique academic results.